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The Power of No – Why you should say “no” 90% of the time.

4 November 2015

The most important thing for an entrepreneur is to set goals and move towards them. Saying ‘no’ often and when it goes against your long term vision is a key factor in your fight against distraction, procrastination and lack of focus. It’s even more true in this noisy digital era.

1. It will value your work. And make your ‘Yes’ more impactful.

Saying ‘yes’ too much clearly devaluate your work. Time is your only asset and you need to educate your clients and coworkers.

2. It will help you keep the focus on what matters most

Saying ‘no’ will help you keep the focus and cure distraction and procrastination. Focus has the same structure than sleep, it works gradually and different levels of focus are needed in order to go deep. When you get distracted, you have to restart from the no-focus stage.

3. It will help you reach your goals faster

The most important thing is to move towards your goals, nothing else really matters. Micro tasks are useless if they don’t help you move in that direction. Keep your vision clear and don’t consume your energy if that does not go along with what you want to achieve. Instant gratification is good, but long term is the game.

4. It will allow you to have more time to do what you love

I’m a strong believer that our daily energy is limited. If you consume it all by saying ‘Yes’ to every requests, you’ll be empty and won’t have any left to do what you love. Your happiness is a big parameter in your business success.

5. People will structure their ideas before asking you something.

When people know you will systematically say ‘yes’ they don’t achieve the work needed beforehand and they don’t structure their ideas well enough before coming to you. Often, their answer is right in front of them or easy to get and your help ends up not being needed. Make your ‘yes’ precious to empower people that surrounds you at work.

6. You’ll become in control of your life

How you manage your time is YOUR choice. You need to evaluate the level of control you are comfortable giving to others, and monitor it.

7. It does not mean that you’re mean

Some few people might take it personally in the beginning, but saying ‘no’ has nothing against them. People will end up respecting you even more

8. Saying Yes is too easy

It’s easy to say ‘yes’ all the time, but on the long run it will eat your energy and make you lose your focus. It’s long term game, don’t forget that.

“Focus is about saying no” — Steve Jobs

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