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Why I love Mondays (and you should too).

1 — Because I try to elevate myself to a higher level of thinking and see things from a higher perspective. I have clear goals, and I have a vision for my personal and business life. I try to live in the present moment as much as I can and if I […]

The process — Building a product (website or app) with Hb | STUDiO

Phase 1- Conception You have a great idea, and are ready and serious about execution. You will need to answer these key questions before getting started (don’t worry we can help): What do you want to achieve: fundraising, exit, growth?- We have experience in all three of the above. What […]

$$ — Don’t play the price war game! — $$

The industry is saturated with digital agencies, and it’s often hard as a client to pick the one you want to trust and work with. Some are great marketers and storytellers but don’t have enough depth to convince you. Some others look super professional and are all about processes, but […]

Entrepreneurs: Stop Relying on Development Agencies to Build Your Startup!

  Want to start a new project or app? Good, you’re not alone and sometimes your enthusiasm can kill you. Before starting the technical work on your idea (the product) you should consider answering these few questions:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download – Are you passionate by what […]

I Wish I was a Dropout: Why School Dropouts are the Best Fit for Today’s Business Challenges

I’m not a dropout, but I wish I was and find it a down right pain being a non-dropout in today’s business world. “Out of the box” can be heard as a catchy little phrase on television shows, tech media, business books, meetings and a crap load of other places. […]

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