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The process — Building a product (website or app) with Hb | STUDiO

23 October 2015

Phase 1- Conception

You have a great idea, and are ready and serious about execution.
You will need to answer these key questions before getting started (don’t worry we can help):

  • What do you want to achieve: fundraising, exit, growth?- We have experience in all three of the above.
  • What do you want your future users to achieve with your product? — Yes we reverse engineer to provide your end users with the best experience!
  • What is your target audience?- We want to bring them disproportionate value.

As well as work on a few things (we’re here don’t panic!):

  • A well detailed scope of work and specifications.
  • Some mockups of pages or screens.

Our team is there to help you answer these questions and establish the strategy behind your product. It goes from the idea to the actual execution of it. Strategic thinking, business consulting and execution.

Phase 2- Design

Once phase 1 is completed, we’ll be ready to move to the design phase. In this phase our designers will elaborate a powerful user interface and a strategic look and feel.

A few rounds of adjustments are possible but we purposely provide only one graphic proposition for better result (this is a subject of our next blog article), that forces our clients to structure their ideas and focus on what is really important instead of wanting more and more propositions and losing focus.

The design consists in creating “static” look and feel of what the product will look like. Once completed and approved we are ready to move to the development phase and give life to your idea.

Phase 3- Development

In this phase, we’ll implement the design into a usable and interactive product. It consists of creating all the “back-end” features as well as connecting them to the design agreed in phase 2. We usually work on our own servers (and provide you with a link like http://yoursite.hb-studio.co or a testing environment for your mobile app to follow the progress), and deliver the product when approved on our clients infrastructure. We can also help with hosting if needed.

Phase 4- Finalization

We’ll polish and optimize your product, listen to your feedback and make the necessary adjustments. This phase is followed by the release of your product for final approval and launch.

Phase 5- Promotion

Our marketing and social media team can help you promote your business and apply the strategy defined in phase 1. We also measure and iterate regularly for optimal results.

Phase 6- Follow up

We’ll always be there to support you and the product we built for you. From maintenance to support and debugging as well as improvements and V2 you can count on the Hb | STUDiO team to be a long term and reliable partner in your journey.

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