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Why I love Mondays (and you should too).

16 November 2015

1 — Because I try to elevate myself to a higher level of thinking and see things from a higher perspective.

I have clear goals, and I have a vision for my personal and business life. I try to live in the present moment as much as I can and if I need to escape from it for some reason, I look for the problem within me. Waiting for Friday will never help. I take responsibility for my discomfort instead of blaming external circumstances.

2 — Because I’m in control and don’t need to escape from my week life. But it’s a choice.

As a business owner, I don’t have managers who play their roles telling me what to do and pressuring me for results, that I need to escape from. I know we all have to make money to afford an acceptable living but we all have the choice of what we do with our time. You’ll make more money liking what you do and you’ll have more chances of becoming an expert in your field if you work with passion. You have no reason to do things you hate. Efforts and hard work are different than struggle.

3 — Because the Friday bullsh*t only makes sense if you hate what you do.

Once you make the choice to do something you like, you tune yourself to become good at it. And chances are high that the Friday bullsh*t will disappear from your life. It does not makes sense, you already know it.

4 — Because days, weeks and weekends are a human creation and mostly an illusion.

The people who created our calendar, are no smarter than you and me. That does not mean we want to reject the weekdays as we know them. That just reduces the differences between days and how we perceive them. They are all the same and are all as important. I don’t want to look for an excuse to push things back to the next day.

5 — Because that would suck to waste a fifth of the week complaining.

I want to keep the control of my emotions, I don’t want my behavior to be under influence of the weather outside or the day of the week.

6 — Because gratefulness is the key to happiness.

I try to practice gratefulness, with no day off. I highly recommend you to integrate this to your routine.

7 — Give your arguments in the comment section!


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