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I Wish I was a Dropout: Why School Dropouts are the Best Fit for Today’s Business Challenges

2 September 2015

I’m not a dropout, but I wish I was and find it a down right pain being a non-dropout in today’s business world.

“Out of the box” can be heard as a catchy little phrase on television shows, tech media, business books, meetings and a crap load of other places. I found myself wondering … “What box?” “Where does this box come from,” “Who built this box?” Society built this box and all of the vital organs in the box including your 9 to 5 jobs, Medias, stress, education, and cities that become large platforms for businesses that have pushed people out of their home cities to find opportunities for work. Unfortunately, we need society to be able to function in the world today, but the horrendous crime to us, our collateral damage, is that our creativity is being stolen from us and put into a box without us having any say or a choice in this matter.

Here are the results of today’s business world:

· 99% of entrepreneurs solve about 1% of the problems today and all of them are focusing on the same problem — replacing your Mama. All of this innovation and new technology were supposed to allow us to be more productive, less bored, and greater assets to society. We are doing less and facing more boredom than we did prior to these new innovations.

· 9 out of 10 startup companies fail terribly within their first three years of operation. That’s a whopping 90% of all startup companies.
· Months are spent looking for investors to fuel their funds instead of creating the real value that matters to consumers. Once they’ve been granted the funds by investors, then it’s a constant battle to keep those investors happy and become influenced. That sounds totally professional and consumer based.
· Entrepreneurs choose to work the same way towards the goal of running their business. They arrive at the office, spend senseless money on marketing and social media, check out their competition, conduct a few meetings, focus on some random uninteresting tasks, manage a stack of papers, and more. For a startup, the business model and how the business is managed should be based on that specific business and be unique to it, not universal across the board.
· Entrepreneurs follow the same circle of leaders, producing the same products and services, over, and over, and over, and over… You get the idea.


Everyone is being conditioned throughout their life to be one way or another. The school system evaluates everybody the same way: testing their knowledge, or ability to learn things, about pre-defined topic, and it’s the exact same for everyone in the country. What this means is that the next Pablo Picasso, or the next Michael Jordan, has bad marks, gets diminished, maybe blamed, loses confidence in himself and tries to follow the mass of conformed robots as much as they can to compensate.

Seriously, ask yourself, how many highly creative people are cheap MLB jerseys working at a fast food restaurant because they got blamed in school, or because they lost confidence because of conditioning? How many people diagnosed with ADHD, who cannot concentrate in a cheap NBA jerseys classroom because they have amazing talents like dancing or in sports, and are bursting at the seams with all of this creativity and talent? The school system in has definitely put a mute button on the creativity of their students, past, present, and future.


The origin of domestication is the reward and punishment method frequently used in the school system. The first thing that is taught is good and bad, black and white, wrong and right. Everything that is done had to be rewarded with a sticker instead of empowering uniqueness and creativeness. Having a wrong answer in school may net you an F and cause you to be the bottom of your class, but it could be an incredibly powerful answer in life and business.

The second thing that is learned in school is life-changing competition. Is it really more important to beat out your friends in school or be the first in the lunch line, or does it matter more to succeed throughout wholesale NFL jerseys life? A lot of extremely successful startup founders have said that they don’t look at their competition because of these three main reasons:

· Clients are unlimited and so is the potential income for everyone. As an innovator, you want to create new business models and a work that is made up of abundance.
· You need to be able to see the big picture with a higher level of thinking based on succeeding, without the small talk or false promises.
· Frankly, competition is just not relevant in a real innovation and innovative market space.

Only followers care about competition, real cheap jerseys innovators don’t bother! In that way, the school system makes us followers, not leaders. More often than Before not, the firsts of the class end up working at a 9 to 5 at a large corporation, they are not the ones who innovate or the ones allowed to use their creativity and talents. The innovators are school dropouts!


As said before, the biggest collateral damage that we face from the school system is a clamp down on our creativity.

· We saturate market spaces by doing the same exact stuff as others, even though it’s trendy.
· 99% of us will go through the trail in a forest.
· 99% of us will stay on the tracks while skiing.
· 99% of entrepreneurs will work the same way.

Where their “revolutionary” idea, which may or may not be very creative, is just the first event and it is often based on “How to Make Money,” “How to fill my own selfish needs to be an entrepreneur,” but what happens when the time comes for all of these entrepreneurs to produce or execute the needs of their business? The road is Xcom2 jam packed full of TRAFFIC and commoditization because everybody else is taking the same highway at the very same time. There is a traffic jam in marketing, social media, business models, sales, etc. The most creative people, who hold true to their creativity, are the only ones that will stand out. These are the ones that are exiting the highway on the off ramp into the forest, blindly, and these are the same ones that bring true value and solve the real needs of society.

So is there a solution? Sure there is! Non-dropouts, like myself, need to do some spring cleaning upstairs and learn how to get inspired by the dropouts. We need to use our critical thinking and our intuition to become emotionally attached to our creativity and let it show when you lead and when you follow. Take a step back and seriously ask yourself this question, “Am I just building a business because I want to be an entrepreneur?” “Am I too enthusiastic that it makes me forget the real goal and value behind it?” “Am I leading or following?” “Am I on the highway at rush hour experiencing all of these huge traffic jams, is this truly the only way?” You want to raise money, everyone wants to have a successful business, and everyone wants to be funded. VCs are asking the same exact questions about your business, are you prepared to answer them?

Break out of the shell, break the code, read more books, meditate, work remotely, take vacations, clear your mind and just hang out with those who inspire you. Rid your life of all the toxic people who bog you down. Ask yourself if you’re following the mass or doing things that you just feel is good for your business. REGRASP YOUR CRITICAL THINKING. Forget the non-practical things that you’ve been taught over the years if you really want to shape the future and have a real long-lasting impact. You will begin to see real opportunities with clear vision and be able to succeed at each step that you take in your journey. If you fail, you can only blame yourself, because you will know exactly why.

The recipe for great success is not taught in the school system, each person has their own recipe instilled inside of them and the best way to start that recipe is from scratch, with the mind of a child.

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age”
– Aldous Huxley

What is success to me?

· Making competition irrelevant. cheap nfl jerseys (Blue Ocean Strategy)
· Creating real value.
· Loving what you do and doing it for all the right reasons.
· Being driven by passion instead of by money or fame.

Real innovation come from people with a clear mind.

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