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Why I love Mondays (and you should too).

1 — Because I try to elevate myself to a higher level of thinking and see things from a higher perspective. I have clear goals, and I […]

The Power of No – Why you should say “no” 90% of the time.

The most important thing for an entrepreneur is to set goals and move towards them. Saying ‘no’ often and when it goes against your long […]

The process — Building a product (website or app) with Hb | STUDiO

Phase 1- Conception You have a great idea, and are ready and serious about execution. You will need to answer these key questions before getting […]

$$ — Don’t play the price war game! — $$

The industry is saturated with digital agencies, and it’s often hard as a client to pick the one you want to trust and work with. […]

Entrepreneurs: Stop Relying on Development Agencies to Build Your Startup!

  Want to start a new project or app? Good, you’re not alone and sometimes your enthusiasm can kill you. Before starting the technical work […]

HeyBubble from idea to acquisition

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I Wish I was a Dropout: Why School Dropouts are the Best Fit for Today’s Business Challenges

I’m not a dropout, but I wish I was and find it a down right pain being a non-dropout in today’s business world. “Out of […]

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